1600 South Red Road,

Miami, Florida, 33155,



Annual Events:

Our annual sleepover has been a tradition at our school for many, many years. When the Romero Family acquired the school they embraced this event and have taken it to the next level!

We caught a Dolphin!  Special thanks to Mrs. Karen Crimarco and her hubby Nick, for making this possible!! Troy (#84), thank you for inspiring our young athletes!  


Each year, during professional development, our staff comes up with several themes that can be connected to our existing units in order to enhance our Program of inquiry as well as connect all of the student body. We choose a theme that is broad enough that can be explored by all ages in a developmentally appropriate way. The fifth grade students use this theme to create and develop a unit of inquiry that they will explore, research, and later present their findings during the picnic/ exhibition. We refer to it as a picnic because all of the students and their families attend on this day and share food, fun, and spend time in our learning galleries. The fifth grade students, will develop the theme based on their knowledge of the subject and support from parents, teachers, experts, etc.

Enhancement Program:

We believe in encouraging children to participate in activities beyond the normal school day. Doing so allows children to interact with other children and adults outside of their regular classroom environment, pursue individual interests, and develop additional skills.

Modern Dance Program:

Our Biltmore School Dancers competed and were awarded 1st Place at Miami Dade County Youth Fair event.